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this morning's rain causing problems on the roads for people all around the metro area. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know if the worst is behind us now. plus, why your smartphone can be a pain in the neck and how to stop it from being the case. ♪ >> the star of this musical talks about what it's like taking on the music of a legend. news 4 midday begins right now. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison.
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>> i'm keith. it's october 2nd, 2012. a u.s. border patrol agent is dead and another injured. the agents were shot while on patrol in arizona around 2:00 this morning local time. the wounded agent was air lifted to a hospital with wounds to his leg and backside. a third agent on the scene was not hurt. the identities of the agents have not been released. the area around is known as a major drug smuggling corridor. crews are working to restore power to several hundred businesses and homes. more than 1,000 were in the dark. it caused traffic headaches. news 4s tony tull joins us live with more on what caused the outage. what's the deal. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, at the height of this, 900 people without power. now it's down to 500. let me show you the culprit. we are in north bethesda.
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you can see there, tepco crews are trying to fix the downed power line. if you look at the top of the pole, it was a blown transformer that caused the old wood to disintegrate. that cut the power line and made it fall. as far as power, take a look keith and barbara. we have multiple mcommercial outlets without power. as for the traffic lights, we have three of them down now. i want to bring in from montgomery county mr. james stevenson, how bad are we looking at here? >> we have three signals out here. we have here, nichol son and we have one on old georgetown and old middle pike. it's going to take us awhile to get temporary service back up. it will be back up and running and traffic should return back to normal. >> take a look right now.
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you can see down by the signal transformer, you can see they have a generator hooked up. you are going to be able to run the traffic lights without the power from pepco until they get it fixed, correct? >> exactly. that's the plan. it should work out well. >> reporter: appreciate your time. barbara and keith, it's not that bad. as far as the power goes, about 500 people, including commercial businesses are without power. before i send it back, we had a bunch of rain coming down earlier. a little bit of flooding. as you come down through the area and the region, take your time. there's no rush. there's a lot of traffic coming through here on rockville pike where the signals are out. it's the latest here. tony tull, news 4. >> all right. i pass that area on my way to work. it was fogged up. >> it was really coming down for awhile. the power outages and rain caused outages on the road this
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morning. >> let's check in with danella sealock. in this case, it's all bad. >> it was a tough commute. i saw speeds here in virginia from the interchange as slow as 7 miles an hour. they are still slow. i wanted to show you this disabled vehicle. approaching braddock, not blocking the travel lanes, still slow. 25 miles per hour, 30 minutes to make your way from the interchange to the dulles toll road. the left exit ramp is closed. delays eastbound, 12 miles an hour. it's still slow out there. back to you both. >> thank you. it's very wet out there. it has been coming down a lot more than i was thinking i was going to run into this morning on my walk. >> a surprise for me as well. tom kierein is here with the first forecast. soggy, very soggy. >> we have had waves of rain.
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it's tapering off around the area. i'm happy to say, just past 11:00 in the morning, you can see the trend moving from the south to the north. we have had pockets of moderate to heavy rain in the yellow and orange moving north of washington, across central and northern montgomery county raining hard in central and western howard county moving north. south of washington, a few pockets of scattered light showers, southern maryland and 95 toward fredericksburg. here are some of the radar estimate rainfall totals. generally, in the green area, up to an inch and a half in a few locationings. culpeper county, a few isolated spots had flooding there. streams will be receding the next couple hours. the last of the heavy rain is over. we'll look at big changes on the way for the rest of the week. we look for the seven day outlook in a couple minutes. >> all right.
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>> all right, tom, rain not the only thing flowing. >> that's right. >> that's right. the champaign may still be flowing at nionals park. the nats are celebrating an eastern league division title. they clinched it when the atlanta braves lost. many people in washington have been waiting their entire lives for a moment like this. megan mcgrath has been hanging out with nats fans all morning. >> reporter: we are here at the tasty diner in bethesda. they opened in the 1930s. that's the last time a washington baseball team took the title. so, needless to say, this is all very big news. look at that headline. nats clinch. we have been talking to baseball fans here, nats fans and they are very excited. at the tasty diner in bethesda this morning, the omelets came
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with a side of natitude. the braves lost, too. it doesn't matter. the nats are the n.l. east division champions. >> i'm hoping they go all the way. we haven't had a champion in a long time. >> reporter: it's the first time in 79 years that a washington baseball team has taken the title. last time was the senators back in 1933. and nats fans are thrilled. how far will they go? >> i got confidence in them. all the way. >> i'm excited. we have not had a baseball team do well in this area for many, maniyear, probably since the senators were in, way before my time. i'm looking forward to it. i'm really excited. >> reporter: the nationals achievement may only be hours old. already, the t-shirts are on the rack. they opened up at 8:00 a.m. and
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fans wasted no time snapping up shirts and hats. >> i bought two t-shirts. i wanted to wear it or buy them because we haven't had a team in d.c. to cheer for in i don't know how long. so, it's been a long wait. >> i saw somebody wearing one of these last night. i was forced to leave earlier to beat the traffic. i figured i would get back in here. >> reporter: nats merchandise is hot. we have seen a lot of hats and shirts out there. megan mcgrath, news 4. >> major league playoffs begin on friday. nationals play their first playoff game this weekend. the exact date and time still to be determined. >> they will play their first game saturday or sunday. we'll be behind them the whole way. >> they have mad a lot of new fans. >> everybody is on board right now.
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>> it's great. marylanders oppose to expand gambling in the state are holding a rally. they are outside prince george's administration building. voters will decide whether to approve a bill to put a casino in prince george's county. >> this could be the last chance toics up and down gambling. martin o'malley probably won't take up the issue again in his tenure. a string of incidents where a man groped students near camp campus. four incidents happened this week. the suspe comes up from behind, grabs girls inappropriately and runs away. >> i normally feel safe around here. i'm not in the city or anything, so that's a little bit terrifying. >> something's got to be done. i mean, it's definitely uncalled for. it's not okay.
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>> american university sent an e-mail to students to alert them about the attacks. the university is asking students to walk in groups and only in well-lit areas. today marks the tenth anniversary of the beltway sniper killing spree. the first happened in a parking lot in wheaton, maryland. ten were killed and three wounded in a three-week stretch that terrified the d.c. area. police arrested muhammad and malvo. muhammad was executed and malvo is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. northwest washington is remembering a prominent local professor killed in a freak accident. rhett was killed when a car jumped the curb while he was walking his dog. the driver had a medical emergency.
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he was a history professor and a fixture in the penn quarter neighborhood. >> the mayor of penn quarter is what i would call him. he would be out on his rounds checking on things and checking on oth residents and the building. >> he was a mainstay of la fayette, where we live. he's going to be really, really missed. >> his dog was not hurt in the accident. she's now being cared for by a neighbor. >> the time now, 11:11. new information out of france this morning about allegations the former head of the international monetary fund raped a woman at a d.c. hotel. the faa is investigating american airlines for trouble in mid flight. we'll tell you what happened at
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a french prosecutor is no longer investigator allegations the former head of the imf raped a woman at a d.c. hotel. they claim dominic -- into a suspected prostitution ring run out of a french hotel. former butler for pope benedict is accused of leaking secret documents confesses on a witness stand today. he admitted to stealing and leaking documents to the media. he denied having an accomplice or getting money for documents released. he maintains he is not guilty of the aggravated theft charges. he testified he feels he's guilty of betraying the pope's trust. he did it to expose corruption within the vatican. he faces four years in prison if
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convi convicted. president obama and mitt romney will keep low profiles today as they prepare for their first debate. the republican presidential nominee told supporters creating jobs will be his administrations top priority. president obama didn't make any campaign stops yesterday. he's preparing right now in nevada. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us right now with some explaining. huh told us it was going rain and it did as you said. >> as my aunt used to say, it rained pitch forks and hammer handles. it came down, made a lot of noise and is coming down hard around the region. traffic is still crawling through much of the region. here is a photo tweeted by melissa mollet. she has to pull over because the rain was coming down so hard. this was in gaithersburg. when the rain is coming down
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hard, just pull over and wait. these are passing heavy downpours. thanks for posting that. send your photos to look at that scene. you can barely make out the jefferson memorial in the moderate showers coming through. behind that, we have fog as well. reagan national cloudy. rain is temporarily ended there. it's rather humid, of course. we have the wind out of the north briefly. this is what's been happening over the last couple hours. these areas in yellow and orange. we have had several of those coming through. now it's tapering off to a few scattered showers from southern maryland to northern virginia. there's one moderate shower here. it's about to move into fairfax county. the heaviest rains are coming in north of montgomery county. it's tracking north across interstate 70 and head to the pennsylvania border. you can see the areas in green.
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this is where the heaviest rains have fallen west of i-95 from northern virginia up to maryland. generally an inch and a half. a few isolated places in culpeper county. up to three inches of rain in the creeks and streams for another couple hours. you have mild air moving our way here. it's in the 70s. where the rain has been falling, it's still in the 60s. this mild air is going to move in here as we get into the afternoon. this is what's been looking like what's happening. just generally, a few passing showers. southern maryland, the eastern shore and washington hasn't had much rain. more showers coming through later this afternoon. here is the latest timing on this. it looks like we'll have a few more passing showers into the afternoon hours. by 6:00 a.m., it should be over. wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening, cloudiness. we clear out on thursday. maybe a small chance of a shower
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east of us thursday afternoon. lower humidity then. the rest of the afternoon, have an umbrella handy. not as heavy as we have seen this morning. upper 70s in a couple hours. mid-70s by sunset. overnight, any rain should be ending before midnight. a few more passing lighter showers for the evening. tomorrow, sun back. going to feel like summertime in october. warm and humid in the afternoon, mid-80s. lower humidity for thursday and friday. warmer afternoons. cooler for saturdays and sunday. might get showers saturday night perhaps into early sunday morning. >> all right, tom. thank you. >> thanks, tom. let's look at the traffic with the rain around us. >> what's the latest? >> it's bad out. as melissa tweeted, if you are in the gaithersburg area, the rain is coming down. here is a live look on i-270 southbound at shady grove. light volume. you are traveling under speed.
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very wet. give yourself extra time before you leave the house. i want to show you i-66 in fairfax county parkway. heavy volume in this area. as you make your way to the beltway, you are slow. 13 miles per hour. earlier, there was an accident, it's long gone, still seeing delays. back to you both. >> thanks. still ahead on news 4 midday -- ♪ >> all right. the queen of rock and roll is being celebrated on stage. we are going to sit down with the star of the show. are you addicted to technology? if you are, your neck may be paying the price. what text neck is and how to avoid it. >> here is a look at what's hot
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♪ >> oh, i love that one. one night with janis joplin playing on the stage is described as more like a concert than musical or play. we are joined with more on what audiences can expect. welcome. you sound just like her. >> thank you very much. >> do people tell you that all the time? >> they do. >> that's amazing. when did you discover her music? >> my parents were big boomers. that was their favorite music. it's kind of the sound track to my childhood. >> had you been singing it as a child growing up? >> we had a green corduroy couch and i screamed along. >> you must know all the words to buy me a color tv.
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>> it's great to say. won't you buy me a color tv. a night on the town. >> how did you get this role? >> there was a play bill audition listing in new york city. one of my dear friends had, you know, sent me an e-mail in capital letters, did you see this? i went and auditions in new york city. it was fun. >> what is it like playing someone whose music is sofa mill yar to audiences? >> it's a tall order. you know, i'm a fan of hers as well. when i did the show, i want to give it everything i can. like she would do the show i want to see. >> yeah. you seem to be putting it out there. it's great. is there something you discovered in playing this role of janis joplin that surprised you and would surprise us? >> absolutely. she was brilliant. she was so intelligent and her sense of humor was just spot on,
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rye sense of humor. for being only 27 years old when she died, she was already wearry. she knew all about life. she knew all the secrets. she figured everything out at such a young age. she didn't get that much credit for it. she was touted as a trail blazing rock star and everything that goes with being a rock star. it's what she was remembered for. >> you can hear that in the lyrics. speaking of lyrics, what are some of the hits? >> oh my gosh, how does it go? >> "piece of my heart." we do "cry baby." i never got to perform it, ever, until this show. >> you sing the whole song? >> yeah. >> it is like a concert? >> yes. a couple of the tunes might be truncated a bit or there isn't the solo in it like there was for time's sake. we do a total of 23 numbers. there's another actress who plays the blues singer, which is
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a revolving role. she has all the -- she does a few numbers. we do a couple together. we do bobby mcgee. ball and chain. yeah. mercedes-benz. >> we have to come see it. >> so nice to see you. welcome to washington. >> thank you very much. >> i think a lot of folks will be in the aisles dancing. it runs through november 4. thanks again. it is 11:27. coming up, what happened at least three times on american airlines flights that's getting the attention of federal investigators? plus the challenge governor martin o'malley issued. tom kierein is back with an tom kierein is back with an e. ate on when the rain will
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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right now, we continue to follow breaking news on news 4 midday. the fbi is investigating an early morning shooting that killed a border patrol agent and injured another in arizona. it happened near the u.s./mexico border. the wounded agent was air lifted
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to the hospital and is expected to survive. president obama and mitt romney are preparing for their first debate. the president is in nevada. his rival in denver, where tomorrow's debate will take place. runni innin inning mates come p battleground states. paul ryan wrapped up an event in clinton, iowa. s american airlines customers are dealing with unhappy pilots. seats broke mid flight. >> the passenger seats came loose out of the floor. >> eight planes grounded after three incidents where an entire row of sts came loose. twice, it happened on the same plane. the airline says it could be a defect in a certain model of seats. passengers say this issue on top of decreasing on-time arrivals
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is unacceptable. >> if they don't fly, i don't have a status on another airline. it's an issue for me. >> shakes my confidences that i'm going get to my destination on time. >> american blames the issues on a feud with union pilots. the pilots say the nation's third largest carrier needs new planes. a challenge to full body scanners and enhanced patdowns will not be heard by the supreme court. sus tises turned away the case. it centered around a michigan man who wanted to keep the tsa from using the scanners or more invasive patdowns. federal cords in florida also dismissed the case. whether to reignite an overhaul of handicapped parking in the city. a bill that would restart the red-top meter program that was halted earlier this year. right now, any driver can park
11:33 am
for free at any meter. disabled drivers would have to pay for parking, but designated spots reserved for them. it's meant to cutdown on abuse of disabled parking privileges. take a look at the traffic camera fine this week to make them less of a burden on your wallet. mary chase says the task force she chairs would look at lowering the $150 fine most first time offenders would see. prices have gone up by 500%. it has many complaining the program is there to raise revenue, not encourage saver driving. >> let's check in with tom kierein with the latest on the forecast. >> you are outside! >> he's on the weather deck. >> it's why we have it. you know, we have rain, wait until this winter when we get the snow coming through, it's going to be a blast out here. we have a light mist falling
11:34 am
here in northwest now. a few sprinkles of rain here. elsewhere, it is raining pretty hard. look at that live view from the nbc 4 city camera. mist and sprinkle activity. you can see how the pockets of rain, the areas in yellow and orange passing north of washington. we have another moderate shower there along interstate 66 there in prince william county advancing into fairfax. heavy rain in western howard county and extreme and northern montgomery county. it's passing north again. a few other sprinkles behind that. these are the rainfall estimates from our storm team 4 radar. the areas in green got the heaviest rains that included northern virginia and 95 into montgomery and howard counties where an inch and a half fell there. residual run off from the heavier rains. low to mid-60s in much of the
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area. lar today, upper 70s with a few more passing lighter showers this afternoon, thunder and lightning from an isolated shower. ending tonight and feeling like summer tomorrow. then, less humid thursday and friday. over the weekend, a passing shower. saturday night into sunday morning. most of the weekend looking dry and cooler. a chilly start to next week. it's the way it looks. >> thank you. >> all right. a woman is asking metro to install guardrails after her motorized scooter malfunctioned. her scooter began running in circles back in july. no one could stop it. the scooter threw her on to the tracks. >> i was hollering. i was like somebody help me, please. nobody could catch the chair. when the chair stopped, bam, it threw me over in the tracks. in a statement, metro says safety is number one priority, but guardrails would block
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access to get on to the trains and could be a safety hazard causing people to trip. virginia is teaming up with a well-known gecko. geico has safe zone phone areas. it urges drivers to pull over to text. as part of the deal, geico is paying to keep the rest areas open. virginia is the first state to have its rest stops sponsored. we have a check in of midday traffic with danella sealock. how about that, rest areas sponsors like this toilet brought to you by -- >> that's pretty funny. it is very wet and slow as you cross the american legion bridge. headlights coming toward is us the outer loop. you are slow. not seeing any accidents, though. another look at i-66.
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the rain is coming down eastbound as you make your way past chain bridge road. it's slow all the way to the beltway. sluggish for you. fairfax to the beltway, 18 miles per hour. barbara, back to you. >> thanks. we are learning more about what might make it harder for teens to get the right amount of sleep. a new study looked at 4,000 ninth grade students. kids with sleep disturbances consumed soda, fried food and sweets. they were also the teens with less physical activity in their daily routines. poor sleep habits can increase health risks for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. your smartphone could be a pain in the neck. we have how to relieve the pain. doctor, you said you noticed my tweet.
11:38 am
i said i heard of tex-mex but not text neck. >> it's forward head posture after prolonged usage of a mobile device. simply put, having your head and chin down into your chest for an extended period of time can dwob text neck. with that comes a lot of health alerts. >> everybody is always like this. >> they come down to their phones opposed to bringing their phones to them. absolutely. >> let's look at the signs and sympms and describe them to us. >> common signs are headaches, neck and shoulder pain. after awhile, you develop a pinched nerve and spinal degeneration. here is one that's interesting, decreased lung capacity. you actually have a lesser chance or not a full ability to expand your lungs because you are putting added pressure on your lungs.
11:39 am
>> so, people literally need to start working on, we are always told to work on our posture. we are told that as young kids. you need to work on your texting posture now. >> exactly. >> now that mobile devices are really just all over the world, yes, we need to work on our posture and even our kids. this message should be to parents to correct this problem. it is turning into an epidemic. you need to lift your phone up closer to you, keep your feet flat on the ground and take breaks after 20 minutes. >> it's like shooting a free throw. tough get the repetitions in. you brought us pictures of a neck x-ray. tell us what we are seeing. >> if you look at the image on the left of the screen, it illustrates a "c" curve on the neck. if you look at the second image, it's a text neck. it's prolonged usage of a
11:40 am
messaging device. >> exactly for the layman out there, what are you seeing in that right image that's so disturbing? >> what i'm seeing are those vertebra, we have seven in the neck. i'm seeing them closer together. it thins out the disks in between the vertebra. i'm seeing a lack of the c-curve in the neck that we should all have. the head is supposed to sit on top of the neck. with the c-curve in the neck, that weight can distribute throughout the neck and back. here is a tip, too, or piece of advice. one inch forward head tilt is enough, just one inch, is enough to put ten pounds of force on your neck. imagine what kids are doing with their heads down. >> they are literally like this. you see them all the time. >> we see it more and more, with toddlers with handheld devices they have for toddlers. they are using them all the time. >> the advice is simple, sit up straight and you won't have
11:41 am
problems down the road. >> listen to a message if your phone is sending or your body is sending, listen to it. >> if you feel pain, go to other way. >> there you go. >> thanks for stopping by. still ahead, what precautions you should take before getting work done at a spa. plus, first the maps, now a new problem found
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more apologies today from apple. they are acknowledging another problem. this time, it's over wi-fi. a bug forces them to use up cellar data, even if they are connected to wi-fi. apple and verizon are working to fix the problem. in the meantime, verizon won't charge customers for going over on their data. they apologized for the new map system for wrongly directing people. a peanut butter recall. sunland makes peanut butter for several stores.
11:45 am
the products are recalled after 30 salmonella rowlated illnesses. the peanut butter is found at trader joes, whole foods and target. stocks are mixed this morning. check in with mary thompson. she joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. europe remains a focus for europe investors. the markets are held by expectations spain is going to ask for a bail out. this could prove a positive as they resolve the national crisis. the dow is down 75. the s&p is down two points. auto makers in the news as they roll out their september sales numbers. cloudy skieslers were up 7.5%. ford was down. gm sales rose 2% for the highest levels in september since 2008. toyota rebound 41%.
11:46 am
thanks to easier credit and a more stable economy, the auto industry is on track to sell 14 hadn't 4 million autos this year. aig, the insurance giant rescued by a government bailout at the height of the financial crisis could be named a financial institution by regulators. if it happens, they will be regulated by the federal reserve. back to you. >> thanks for the update. barbara? more and more spas are offering cosmetic procedures done in doctors offices. we have the precautions you should take. good morning. >> tell us about the things the spas are offering now. >> well, first let me define what a spa is. a spa is where you are getting facials and massages and things like that. a medi-spa is when they
11:47 am
incorporate medical procedures in a regular spa and you have a physicians office. there are different tier, if you will, for cosmetic procedures but they may not be qualified to do them. >> if we are talking botox and fillers, are those ever done in spas or in medi-spas. >> what we define is what's medical practice. if you are practicing medicine, that has to be by a licensed individual who is approved or licensed to practice. so, some of these procedures, yes, are done in spas, which they may have a medical director or someone who is overseeing the spa who may not be on sight. that's the question here. who is defining the rules and regulations of these different facilities. >> so, should there be a doctor
11:48 am
administering those fillers that are available in so many places and botox? >> i'll give you an example. if we just do light treatment, it's cosmetic. if we do microdermabrasion, it's cosmetic. when you switch over to determine abrasion or using acid, which is an acid used with the blue light,itis practicing medicine. there's really not a fine line. it's a distinct line to who can practice medicine and who can't. the medi-spas are trying to combine the two. make sure that a physician is in charge and a physician is trained adequately. board certification doesn't mean, really, anything unless you say what the board certification and what specialty. so, you could be board certified in emergency medicine and run a
11:49 am
medi-spa. so, the question is, is that position there to address any adverse events because these types of procedures when you are crossing over into medicine, you can get burns and injuries. >> i was going to ask, what can go wrong? >> when you use lasers, if the settings aren't correct, a lot of people feel i was trained by the laser company, therefore i'm equipped to operate this laser. but the question is, is can you handle the adverse events that may happen? it's murphy's law, the more you do, the chance it's going to happen. >> what should a client ask if they go to a spa or medi-spa to have something done. what do they need to ask? >> is there a physician on sight or on call or what have you? is that physician qualified or
11:50 am
has designated for the other person who was there to do the procedure? the delegation is what is important. if they are trained for the delegation. we also want continuing medical education, not just the training from the laser company. >> tell us, what procedures should only be done by a doctor of the popular ones being done now? >> when we look at medical versus cosmetic, fillers, neurotoxins or botox should be done by a licensed person. there are certain medical ancillary care people who are licensed and do go through the training such as physicians assistants, nurse practitioners. >> state issued licenses? >> state issued. the first thing you want to do, wherever you are going check
11:51 am
with that state to see what their requirements and legal issues are with these type of medi-spas. >> be careful. whatever you are doing. >> particularly doing things with your face and eyes. there's a lot of lacic centers around. if something happens, that's your eyesight. if something happens, that's your face. be careful. >> thank you. it's always great to see you. thanks a lot. it's 11:51. coming up, a bear gets a stern talking to. plus, meteorologist,
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the world famous hollywood sign is getting a make over. the letters will be stripped down, primed and given a new coat of pain. it will last ten weeks. the sign celebrates its 90th birthday. it was built to promote hollywoodland. the white house and buckingham palace are pink. the lights remain on through october. it's to kick off breast cancer awareness month. president obama urges regular screenings like mammograms as a key to early detection.
11:55 am
president obama and mitt romney are preparing for their debate. governor o'malley is challenging another -- >> a mcdonald spokesperson calls the offer nice, but rejected the invitation saying we have our own gubernatorial version of a push-up contest. spoiler alert, virginia wins. both states unemployment rates rose slightly in july. virginia jumped to 9.5%, maryland 7%. let's take a look at some of the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, what will the first lady get the president for their 20th anniversary. we'll find out. we'll have a sneak peek at mrs. oba obama's trip.
11:56 am
>> what one mom does while her baby naps? at 5:00, a mammogram finding the smallest tumors ever detected allowing women to get treatment earlier than ever. >> how to get in on what's sweeping the nation. >> tom has it. >> there's still seats open on the bandwagon. >> what a wonderful thing. i'm following baseball all my life. this is so exciting. the rain threatened the game last night. they didn't lose it, it was a wonderful evening for the celebration. we got the heaviest rains in the orange and yellow. we are getting one moderate to heavy downpour there. still the red blog you see in fairfax county. it's advancing north. it's just over the beltway from right near where 66 meets the beltway up to tyson's corner.
11:57 am
it's raining hard right now. it's passing over the bridge heading toward 270 and the beltway where it meets 270 over the next ten minutes. it will continue to move north and pull away. this is the rainfall we have had so far in those areas in green. it's where they had the heaviest rains. an inch and a half to two inches in some locations and the flooding in culpeper the last hour or so is receding. low to mid to upper 60s. south and east of us, not much rain. the rain ending by mid evening. pleasant pattern, a chance of rain saturday night into early sunday morning. stay dry. >> thank you, you, too. >> get down, right now! no! no! no! down! >> well, guess we know who's the boss of that household. a black bear met his match when he wondered on to this property and walked up the back deck.
11:58 am
the homeowner has this run-in fairly often. there are six others with a bear trying to enjoy their backyard. the black bears are making more contact with humans because of the drought, which cut down on their food resources. be careful in your backyard. >> i don't think i would approach that house again if i was the bear. i can't bear the way she was where he willing. that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the day's news. >> we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. hope you plan to join us. have a terrific
11:59 am
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